Dress A Girl Ministry

Dress A Girl MinistryDress a Girl Ministry began in the spring of 2012. The purpose of the ministry is to provide dresses for girls in underprivileged areas who would not have access to new dresses.

In 2012, the Dress a Girl Ministry made 153 dresses, which were sent to Thailand, Ghana, and Tanzania. In 2013, the group made 385 dresses, which were sent to the Philippines, Ghana, Mexico, India, and Indonesia. We are currently making dresses to send to Mexico, Ghana, and Tanzania.

The dresses are made from kits that have everything needed to sew a dress. The members of the group gather to put kits together, and the sewing of the dresses is done at home. For dress kits or more information about the ministry, please contact Yolanda Arredondo at 510-303-4023 or email at yarredondo747@gmail.com.

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